When I'm Not Here


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Helen Partridge's first big hit!


A man only desires
A few things out of life
His career, his castle, and some late-night snugglin’
And a spineless kind of wife

Well I’ve waited a while for a sorry
For a baby, just one more chance
I’ve got my life to live, I’m in no mood to forgive
And tonight I’m going to have my dance

‘Fore I go one question my dear,
Where you going to be when I’m not here?

[jazz break]

My mama taught me one lesson
I’ve heeded all these years
Hold your man as tight as you can
And you’ll never be in tears
Girls like us, we have to work at it
We gotta pick up our hearts where they left ‘em

We’re not the thinnest in line
We’re not the sinning kind
But we’ll be damned if
A man’s going to ruin our night

‘Fore I go one question my dear
Where you gonna be when I’m not here?

[jazz break]

Where you gonna be when I’m not here?


released March 15, 2017
Written by Tau Zaman
Arranged by Evan Cunningham
Featuring Susanna Kavee as Helen Partridge



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ars PARADOXICA Burbank, California

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